Legal Disclaimer

PLUMWALL™ is designed for Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) (10') ten-foot wall heights “only.” 10' vertical uprights are not to be coupled to achieve greater heights. Any cutting, welding, bolting and/or adjustment of brace’s original design is “not” recommended and will void any warranty or liability by PLUMWALL™ in relation to any further use of the product. Vertical upright and brace assembly must be secured to ICF wall with two #10 – 1.5" screws and slotted bracket on every other ICF course. Braces should be no more than 6' apart and doubled up in corners. Scaffolding should be constructed to conform to local workplace safety regulations, including walk planks, safety rails and kicker plates. Brace and scaffolding is designed to accommodate two work persons only. All bracings and ICF wall connections should be installed and inspected by personnel trained in ICF construction before erection and prior to concrete pours. Bracing that has been damaged in any way should be painted a bright cautionary red and set aside for repair or disposal. Any bracing that has been damaged during shipping should be immediately returned for replacement. Failure to comply with the above noted installation and design instructions immediately absolves PLUMWALL™ from any and all liability claims.